Skyscrapers viewed from a ground-up perspective.


Welcome to the future! Building Information Modeling (or BIM) is a process that provides the most advanced technical processes available for the AEC industry, and we are here to help! Let us make the connections between the following; from us to you, you to BIM, and BIM to the projects, we can strategize, organize, and get you rolling in BIM with ease!

Bim model of a building's top floor.



We provide a wide verity of strategies for implementation of BIM to a single project, entire team, or overall firm. These plans include current workflows and firm structure, customized training opportunities, and progressive support/mentorship availability, all in one!



Because BIM is a process that requires a more aligned and informed workgroup, standards become the firms highest priority. We have methods for assisting in the creation, and maintenance of such standards, including BIM Standards, BIM Execution Plans, and more.



Once the strategy is realized, and the plan is standardized, the coordination is key for the entire group to be in sync. We can help with this, from an organizational standpoint, to a simplified, more streamlined workflow, between office locations, or even different disciplines.


Now that you have the connections, lets focus on getting your firm to be as self-sustainable and BIMpowered (BIM+Empowered) as possible! From customized training manuals, to guaranteed blocks of support, we will be there for every step to let you become the best. We even are developing a customized software specifically for all support needs during the process, check it out!

Bim model of a building's middle floor.


BIM University

This is the first time anyone has written a training manual from the trenches. The content is a collection of over a decade of Revit experience from various firms, project types, and workflows. This is only available on this website and to be used in our training course.


BIM Blocks

Support made easy, with this opportunity to lock in monthly blocks of time from our dedicated staff at one low rate, this allows for anything to be accomplished. From hands-on production, to standards documentation, to even custom one-on-one training, lock it in now!



The first of its kind; a support software created specifically for AEC and only available for BIM Services Inc. clients with registered BIM Blocks. This is the best way to connect to support with instant uploads, project management logging, custom FAQ, and more! Log in here!


This section is straight to the point services. With the plan in place, and the knowledge transfer complete, the rest is pure production, and it’s the best kind around! From content creation, to clash detection, to simply checking existing projects to see what can be better, we are here for you!

Bim model of a building's ground floor.


Pure Production

We offer not only top of the line strategic implementation and other higher level services, but we are also available for pure production efforts. This includes project support, markups, design options, detailing, and content creation. Call to schedule us now!


Clash Detection

This process is intended for larger scaled projects that require automated interference checking for either hard or soft clashes. These clashes can then be collected and reported for changes to be made in the model, and a clean coordinated effort all around!


Model QAQC

Many firms believe once a system is in place, and things are working, the implementation process is done, and that’s all there is…or is it? Send us one of your latest models and let us provide a detailed report of alternate workflows, standards, etc. Send it now!

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